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Shopify Unite 2021, Online Store 2.0, Payments, and Metafields

Shopify Unite 2021 is here by Shopify to explain Online Store 2.0, Metafields, Dawn

Shopify Unite 2021 is our annual partner conference and developer conference. Today, we announced the largest infrastructure investments in Shopify’s history. Small business owners have new ways to sell, and we’re creating more custom opportunities.

Shopify’s mission to improve commerce for all is not possible alone. Shopify gives developers all the tools they need for creating a wide range of opportunities for small businesses. We’ve simplified the most important aspects for you and made it easy for developers to create.

Take a look at the Unite announcements that will enable merchant experiences on Shopify. These changes allow businesses of any size to create powerful, custom commerce solutions. Additional tools and features will be added later in the year.

We are excited to share what we have in store for you.

1. You can personalize your store in any way that you like – Online Store 2.0, Metafields, Dawn

You can control the appearance and layout of your store

Shopify Unite has announced the most significant update to its platform to date. Online Store 2.0 includes a variety of new features and improvements that will significantly increase your ability to personalize your online store.

Online Store 2.0 makes it easier than ever for you to manage the appearance and layout of your store. This gives you more flexibility and allows you to access more data so that you can offer your customers a unique experience.

You can completely customize your online store with no code editing

You can personalize each page of your store with sections and blocks.

Shopify Theme Store will offer new themes to business owners starting in August. These themes will be built using the new Online Store 2.0 platform. They also use the powerful features that Unite introduced this year. You can also update your Liquid files into JSON templates files, and then use sections and blocks to personalize your store.

Flexible store content

Metafields allow you to attach additional data to customers, products, orders, and other objects within the Shopify universe. These meta fields can be used to store information that doesn’t already exist in Shopify admin, such as fabric care instructions, delivery times frames, backorder dates. They can also be displayed in your store on product pages and checkout.

You can now create and edit meta fields in the admin.

Metafields allow for easy product and variant configuration directly on the product page. For example, you can display the appropriate size chart to a particular vendor.

Expect to see more themes in the theme store.

Enhancing the customer experience begins with a great theme. Dawn is our result: a beautiful storefront that converts quickly.

Dawn is a versatile design that can be used by any brand to give your customers an amazing shopping experience. The design is designed with aesthetics in view, featuring image-focused product pages and beautiful product grids.

Dawn loads fast. Dawn is 35% quicker than the most popular theme to load out of the box.

Dawn, the latest theme standard, will be available later in the year. This year’s theme store will have more themes. They are all created with incredible speed and performance in order to improve the customer experience.

2. Construct for conversions

Shopify Email helps you drive conversions, repeat customers and retention.

Shopify Email allows you to engage, acquire and reactivate customers. Choose from a variety of templates that are ready-made to share information about product restocks, product launches, and sales. These templates will pull your logo, discount codes, product images, descriptions, prices, and pricing directly from your store.

You can personalize your email by adding custom fields in August to enhance your email campaigns.

Shopify Email integrates directly with your online shop so that you can track all your email engagement metrics and add-to-carts.

Offer shoppers more payment options

There are many payment options available to shoppers around the globe. Although credit cards are the most preferred payment method in the US (52% of Brazilian online shoppers use QR codes to make purchases), 52% of Brazilian shoppers prefer QR codes.

No matter where your buyers live, the right payment method will help you increase checkout conversions.

Shopify’s Payments platform is being launched to open up new opportunities for growth in new industries and markets. Shopify’s Payments Platform allows payment providers to integrate new functionality into Shopify. This opens up a wider range of gateways that offer niche functionality. Merchants can sell more products and more places with this new functionality.

Buy now and pay later to increase your average order value

Customers will be able to shop with greater cart sizes and convert up to 50% more often if they have the option to do so. ShopPay Installments* allows your customers to buy now and pay later and divide their purchase into four interest-free installments with 0% interest. There are no hidden fees or additional charges.

Orders of $50-$1,000 include shipping and taxes available only for now.

3. Scale with confidence

Create unique buyer experiences like nothing else in the world

Shopify is here to support you at every stage of your business, no matter how advanced your ideas or technical skills are. Shopify gives you the technology stack, including a headless architecture, and the business logic to create unique customer experiences that will make your brand stand apart.

Shopify’s Storefront API allows you to create custom storefronts. This will allow you to unlock additional commerce capabilities like international pricing, curbside pickup, subscription selling plans, and global pricing. Shopify allows you to create non-liquid custom storefronts using your existing tech stack and developer frameworks. This will allow your brand to turn any screen into an online shopping channel, from web pages and mobile apps to smart mirrors or wearables.

Easily optimize your local pick-up experience

You know the difficulties of fulfillment when you have inventory spread across multiple locations. Shopify now allows business owners to designate pickup-only locations for their local pickups.

Customers can pick up their orders at your designated pickup-only locations and avoid costly, time-consuming errors. These pickup-only retail locations are not considered “available” for online shipping.

If your warehouse has out of stock in size 10, but your pick-up only location has stock, the shoes can be considered in stock and will be available for pickup. However, shipping charges will not apply.

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